Roku Streaming Stick Plus vs Fire TV

Roku Streaming Stick Plus vs Fire TV

The main differences between the Roku Streaming Stick Plus and Fire TV content availability, user interface, remote control, resolution, voice control and, of course, price.

Let’s dig into how those differ for both products:

  1. Content Availability: Both platforms provide a wide range of content, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and more. However, Roku has a slightly broader range of channels available in its channel store. Amazon Fire TV, on the other hand, integrates better with Amazon Prime Video and Amazon’s Echo devices for Alexa voice control.

  2. User Interface: Roku’s interface is often praised for its simplicity and ease of use. It’s relatively straightforward, with a focus on channel apps. Amazon’s Fire TV interface is more feature-rich, with recommendations and previews, but some users find it more focused on promoting Amazon content.

  3. Remote Control: The Roku Streaming Stick Plus comes with a simple, easy-to-use remote that also has power and volume buttons that can control your TV. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick remote also includes volume and power buttons and has built-in Alexa voice control.

  4. Resolution: Both devices support up to 4K resolution for high-quality picture and sound, assuming your TV and the content you’re watching also support 4K.

  5. Voice Control: Both remotes offer voice control, but the services are different. Roku’s voice control can search for content across platforms. Fire TV’s remote includes Alexa, which can control smart home devices, answer queries, and more, in addition to searching for content.

  6. Price: The Roku Streaming Stick Plus can be picked up in the US for $45 while Fire TV will set you back $40 however there are some cheaper options available (Fire TV Lite).

Why Choose the Roku Streaming Stick Plus?

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How Does Fire TV Compare to the Roku Streaming Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick offers several benefits for streaming enthusiasts, including high-definition streaming up to 4K Ultra HD resolution for a superior viewing experience.

The device supports a vast array of streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+, with particularly seamless integration with Amazon’s own Prime Video service.

One standout feature is the Alexa voice control built into the remote, which allows not only for easy content search and playback but also for a wide range of other tasks. The user interface is designed to highlight content and make recommendations, providing users with a broad range of entertainment options.

Furthermore, its capability to integrate smoothly with the Amazon ecosystem, run a variety of apps including games, and support screen mirroring from compatible devices enhances its functionality and appeal.

What Do Customers Say?

Both the Roku Streaming Stick Plus and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are very popular products with consumers.

They both have their own advantages and unique features, which make them appealing to different types of users.

The best advice is to define your own needs from a streaming stick and then see which fits you best based on the guidance in this article. 

The Amazon Fire TV Stick often appeals to users who are already heavily invested in Amazon’s ecosystem, as it integrates very well with Amazon Prime Video and Alexa-enabled devices.

On the other hand, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus tends to be preferred by users seeking a simple, user-friendly interface and a wide range of content, with a less company-specific focus compared to Amazon’s device.

Market popularity can vary greatly depending on the region and we don’t currently have sales figures for either product.

Popularity does not always equate to the best choice for every individual, and the right choice for you, as mentioned previously, depends on your specific needs, preferences, and ecosystem of devices.


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