Best ad-block for Safari


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Best ad-block for Safari

The web is filled with hundreds and thousands of ads that can ruin your viewing experience. An average person sees up to 10,000 advertisements a day, according to a 2021 report. However, there are many tools which can stop all these ads from appearing on your device. In this article, we have listed the best ad-blockers for Safari.

Our picks for the best ad-blockers for Safari:

  1. AdLock
  2. AdGuard
  3. Wipr
  4. AdBlock
  5. 1BlockerX

Why are these the top ad-blockers for Safari?

While there are many other ad-blockers, we have selected these for the following reasons. Keep on reading.

  • Work on Mac and iOS
  • Best browser extensions and apps
  • These ad-blockers are secure
  • Four of these five software options listed have free options, so this is an important consideration here

[In detail] The top ad blocks on Safari


This is an affordable ad-blocking tool that works on iOS and Mac devices. Adlock makes no exceptions while blocking advertisements. It bars all promotions from streaming and torrenting sites, social media platforms and other websites.

However, you can whitelist your favored platforms, and let them play ads if you would like to support them monetarily.

Nevertheless, Adlock is pricey; at the time of writing, it came with an annual price was $16.

That said, we think this is a fair price considering the benefits you unlock with Adlock.


Many individuals and enterprises use the AdGuard ad-blocker.
This tool has a free option. You can also buy this product’s lifetime license for three or nine devices.

Easy to set-up and use, this ad-blocker lets you select which advertisements and tracking scripts you want to block. What’s more, web pages will load quicker even after blocking all those scripts and ads.

AdGuard also has an extension, called AdGuard Assistant. This add-on lets you block websites and even report them if they still serve you ads.


Like others, Wipr also has a free option. This ad-blocking tool works perfectly across iOS and Mac devices.

Apart from blocking ads and tracking scripts, Wipr also stops things like GDPR/EU notices, which can hamper your viewing experience.


This ad-blocker also has a free option and works perfectly with Safari. Installing and using AdBlock is easy, and you can read hundreds of good reviews about it in the Play Store.

You can enable and disable the AdBlock proxy service at will. Create your own blocking rules and sync all them with iCloud.

Finally once you have downloaded AdBlock on your iPhone or Mac it will go straight to work without any sort of technical setup. It’s a great tool as an out of the box solution and those without an amount of web savvyness.


This is one of the earliest ad-blocking software for Apple devices. 1BlockX has paid and premium versions, and there are 43,000 blocking rules to choose from. What’s more, this tool can stop 13,000 known trackers easily.

1Blocker X claims it reduces your data consumption by 50%. By installing this app, users can also improve their battery performance.

Many users like this tool for its customer support and a detailed blog section.

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