About Us

VPNReactor.com is a brand dedicated to providing independent, trusted and unique reviews of VPNs, web security and privacy products.

Our aim? Our aim is to provide these reviews to you without the technical jargon and confusing long paragraphs that many other review sites contain so you’re able to make a simple and straightforward decision when choosing which VPN to buy.

Does that mean our reviews aren’t as in-depth as others? Heck no. And that’s exactly the point, we do the heavy lifting – the testing, the downloading, the speed checks – so you don’t have to. And then we distill it down into a simple digestible piece of content for you to read.

VPNReactor.com is run by a small but effective team of experts in the VPN and web traffic industry that has worked together on multiple projects before. Led by Chief Editor, Riley, the team researches and writes the reviews, comparisons and blog posts that you want to read. You can read more about the team below and on their profile pages.

In its previous life, this domain was the home of a product called VPN Reactor, however that product no longer lives on this domain and you can read more about our acquisition of the VPN Reactor domain here.

Meet the Team

Riley Marsden

Chief Editor

Trevor Akinde

Technial Writer

Brian Choi

Technical Writer