Best VPN for Fortnite: How to Get an Edge in 2024

Best VPN for Fortnite: How to Get an Edge in 2024

I’ve spent countless hours battling online to find the most optimized Fortnite experience. Here are my picks for the best Fortnite VPN:

  1. NordVPN – Best combination of speed, security and navigating Fortnite IP bans
  2. Surfshark – Cost-effective for multiple connections to Fortnite servers
  3. ExpressVPN – Most trusted for secure a Fortnite experience
  4. CyberGhost – Optimized servers for Fortnite enthusiasts
  5. IPVanish – Multi-purpose VPN suitable for Fortnite


  • VPNs help Fortnite players navigate common issues like IP bans and ISP throttling for Fortnite players
  • Enhancing security and privacy online, VPNs also improve the gaming experience
  • Criteria for top VPNs include a broad server network, speed, and strong security features
  • NordVPN is my #1 pick for Fortnite VPNs

As online gaming soars in popularity, Fortnite stands out as a titan in the industry.

Despite its massive player base, gamers frequently face unpleasant disruptions such as IP bans, reduced internet speeds due to ISP throttling, and vulnerability to DDoS attacks.

Enter stage left – a VPN. This is how Fortnite players have been circumnavigating any issues that have arisen while gaming.

Selecting which VPN to optimize for Fortnite gameplay comes down to personal preference (which is why we give you multiple options), but what is more important is understanding why and how to use a VPN for Fortnite.

When I’m selecting I’m looking for VPNs that offer an expansive selection of servers, high-speed connections, and robust security measures to ensure seamless play and protection.

The market features an array of choices, and after extensive evaluation (and by this I mean some serious gaming hours), I’ve picked my top-performing VPNs for Fortnite players.

Gaming online is much better with an optimized VPN setup. We recommend NordVPNtop security and can get around the infamous Fortnite IP bans.

Advantages of Using a VPN When Playing Fortnite

Using a VPN enhances the gaming experience of Fortnite players through several benefits:

  • Circumventing IP Bans: Engaging in rule-breaking behavior in Fortnite can lead to an IP ban, blocking access to the game. A VPN allows players to alter their IP, making it possible to regain access and continue playing.
  • Preventing ISP Throttling: ISPs may slow down internet connections when high activity is detected. A well-chosen VPN can prevent this throttling, ensuring a smooth Fortnite experience.
  • Minimizing Latency: VPNs offer a variety of servers across different locations. Players can connect through a server closer to Fortnite’s server, thereby decreasing ping times for improved game responsiveness.
  • Unlocking Geographical Restrictions: In regions where Fortnite is banned or restricted, like certain schools, workplaces, or countries, VPNs can unlock access to the game, allowing players to enjoy it from virtually anywhere.
  • Safeguarding Against DDoS Attacks: DDoS attacks by other players or attackers can disrupt a gaming session. A robust VPN provides a defense against these attacks, maintaining the integrity of the player’s connection.

My Fortnite VPN Picks

1. NordVPN - Best combination of speed, security and navigating Fortnite IP bans

NordVPN stands out with its vast server network and top-tier security features, ensuring a smooth and protected gaming session.

It boasts a server count that’s hard to match, with 6000 options spread across 61 countries. The introduction of NordLynx, an adaptation of the WireGuard protocol, provides users with high-speed connections and robust security.

Alongside military-grade AES-256 encryption and a kill switch, NordVPN covers your digital tracks effectively.

Despite the absence of a router app or free trial, the service compensates with competitive pricing and continuous customer support.

  • Extensive server network
  • NordLynx for high-speed connections
  • Advanced encryption and security features
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Surfshark - Cost-effective for multiple connections to Fortnite servers

Surfshark is recognized for its exceptional value, giving users unlimited simultaneous connections.

Its server network is impressive, hosting 3,200 servers across 100 countries.

With competitive pricing, users gain access to next-generation VPN features without breaking the bank, including AES-256 GCM encryption and a collection of tunneling protocols featuring WireGuard.

A standout is its suite of additional security tools — antivirus, search engine privacy, IP rotation, and more.

While lacking a split tunneling feature on iOS, Surfshark remains an affordable solution for gamers and privacy seekers alike.

  • WireGuard protocol inclusion
  • Advanced encryption with a premium security suite
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Accessible pricing for users

“Fortnite IP bans are typically enforced for rule breakers, however the interpretation of Fortnite’s rules is very much subjective. If Fortnite’s support isn’t much help to you, a VPN will give you more options for access to the game (plus added security).”

3. ExpressVPN - Most trusted for secure a Fortnite experience

ExpressVPN emerges as a highly secure VPN ideal for Fortnite, pairing vigorous data protection with seamless speeds.

Its expansive server network includes more than 3,000 servers across 105 countries, enabling gamers to find the most favorable connection points.

The use of AES-256 encryption and a reliable kill switch guards player data even when connections falter.

The proprietary Lightway protocol balances speed with security, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

While not as wallet-friendly as some alternatives, its features like the Threat Manager, which blocks trackers and malicious activities, justify the investment.

  • Large server network for versatile connections
  • Strong encryption with the Lightway protocol
  • Integrated Threat Manager for additional security
  • High speeds for lag-free Fortnite gaming

4. CyberGhost - Optimized servers for Fortnite enthusiasts

CyberGhost specializes in providing an optimized server network for gaming, including Fortnite.

The VPN service not only delivers impressive speeds but also focuses on user security through robust encryption standards.

A dedicated fleet of servers ensures that you have access to the best possible gaming connections. CyberGhost prides itself on offering an intuitive service that’s easy to navigate for gamers at all levels.

Despite not being mentioned in the provided background information, it is generally known for having additional features like ad blocking and malicious website prevention which enhance the gaming experience.

  • Servers optimized for gaming
  • Strong encryption for secure connections
  • User-friendly for gamers of all expertise levels
  • Additional features for a comprehensive gaming experience

5. IPVanish - Multi-purpose VPN suitable for Fortnite

IPVanish caters to the diverse needs of Fortnite gamers with a robust feature set that ensures a smooth gaming experience.

Military-grade encryption and the WireGuard tunnel deliver a secure and fast connection. Its server reach is notable, with 2,200 servers in 52 countries to minimize latency.

The XOR obfuscation feature masks VPN traffic, allowing for undisturbed gaming in restricted areas. IPVanish goes beyond basic features, offering encrypted storage for sensitive data.

The only downside being a potential price increase post the first year and incompatibility with certain restrictive regions.

  • Strong encryption and WireGuard protocol
  • Wide server distribution for low-latency gaming
  • Unique features like encrypted storage
  • XOR obfuscation for heightened privacy

Methodolody: How We Tested Each VPN

In the testing of each of the VPNs listed above Fortnite players, I personally (and rigourously) evaluated them using the following criteria:

  • Server Network: A substantial selection of servers worldwide ensures a smooth, uninterrupted Fortnite gaming experience by avoiding congested networks and providing options for connecting to servers closer to the game’s own servers.
  • Connectivity & Speed: Only the fastest VPNs were considered to ensure that Fortnite gameplay remains responsive and lag-free.
    Robust Security and Privacy: Prioritizing services that offer strong encryption and privacy features is crucial for safe browsing and gaming, helping users keep their online activity confidential.
  • Features: VPNs that come with added functionalities such as kill switches, ad-blocking capabilities, and the ability to unlock a variety of streaming services alongside gaming applications were favored.
  • Pricing: The focus was on services presenting the most favorable balance between cost and performance without compromising on quality, including an option for a refund within a set timeframe for user peace of mind.

Will Fortnite ban you for using a VPN?

Using a VPN while playing Fortnite does not directly violate the game’s Terms of Service.

But, engaging in any form of rule-breaking or cheating during gameplay can lead to a ban, regardless of whether a VPN is active or not.

Infractions include harassment, collusion among players, scamming, or promoting illegal behavior. Seriously, you shouldn’t be doing this stuff online – respect amongst gamers is paramount moreso than ever before.

  • Avoiding Bans with VPNs: A VPN can technically help bypass an IP ban.
  • Rule Compliance: Always adhere to Fortnite’s community guidelines for a fair experience.

Is the Fortnite experience actually better with a VPN?

It honestly depends. VPN usage while gaming is not for everyone.Most people do experience a smoother and safer experience when it’s done right.

What exactly do I mean by that? Well, if you do choose the path of a VPN then to get the most out of it you will need to set up the configuration to be optimized for your specific circumstances. We can help you out with getting started:

  • Select one of the VPNs listed above – they all have a solid record in gaming performance.
  • Install the VPN software on your device/machine.
  • Open the VPN and search for a server geographically close to Fortnite’s servers.
  • Connect by selecting your chosen server.
  • Launch Fortnite and start in gaming

It’s as easy as that to get started, though serious gamers will likely want to tweak individual settings.

Fortnite keeps kicking you out?

Here’s how to fix it:

Experiencing interruptions during gameplay with Fortnite can obviously be frustrating.

Common culprits for being expelled from matches include VPN interference, insufficient internet speeds, non-compliance with community standards, or an IP ban.

Here’s the typical steps to resolve these issues and keep your game running smoothly. Each time I’ve been kicked out, one of these options has been the fix for me personally:

  • Update VPN Software: Ensure that your VPN application is up-to-date. Let’s get the basics checked off.
  • Switch VPN Servers: If the VPN is causing issues, try connecting to another server within the VPN service, then start the game again.
  • Internet Speed Check: Fortnite requires a stable connection with at minimum 3Mbps speed. If your connection is slower, this may be why you’re being removed from matches.
  • Router Reset: Sometimes simply resetting your router can resolve connection issues. Turn it off, wait a moment, then restart to refresh your connection.
  • IP Address Reset: Solve an IP ban by using a VPN to obtain a different IP address. Connect to a server provided by the VPN to change your IP address and potentially resolve the ban issue.

Choosing the best server for Fortnite

In Fortnite, low latency is key for an optimal gaming experience. The closer a player is geographically to a server, the lower the ping they generally experience.

Ideally, players should connect via a wired connection to reduce lag. A practical alternative to physical proximity is using a reliable VPN with an extensive server network.

In terms of picking a server it’s beneficial to connect through a VPN to a server situated near or at a Fortnite server point, enhancing game responsiveness.

Here’s a few recommended stable and fast locations depending on your geography:


Possible Server Locations

North America

Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, California, Canada

South America

São Paulo, Brazil


London, UK; Ireland; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France


Mumbai, India; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan; South Korea



Pro Tip: The United States generally offers the best connectivity due to a larger number of servers and reduced server load. Connecting to a U.S. server will likely provide an improved Fortnite experience.

Can a VPN lower latency in Fortnite?

Using a VPN might lead to lower latency times during Fortnite gameplay under certain conditions.

Here’s the specifics of those circumstances but there’s no way we can be really unequivocal here, it’s very much a case by case basis:

  • Connection Protocol: Selecting a VPN that utilizes efficient protocols like WireGuard might result in faster connection speeds and enhanced security.
  • Server Proximity: VPNs allow for a player’s connection to appear as if originating closer to Fortnite’s game servers by choosing a strategically located server.
  • Routing: Sometimes, VPNs provide a more direct network path compared to local ISPs which can potentially reduce latency.

Remember, connecting to a VPN server further from the actual location usually does not contribute to latency improvement.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing a Fortnite ban or struggling with regional restrictions, picking up a VPN subscription and gaming with it switched on can significantly enhance your gaming sessions.

When selecting a suitable VPN for Fortnite, prioritize options with expansive server networks, high-speed connections, and robust security measures.

NordVPN stands out as a solid choice to elevate your online gaming experience. Not only will you potentially bypass geo-blocks, but you’ll also gain the added benefits of ad-blocking, protection against malicious threats, and prevention against ISP throttling, ensuring a smooth and consistent connection.

Choosing NordVPN can also unlock additional perks like accessing a wider array of streaming services.

However, if you play a variety of online games beyond Fortnite, it might be worthwhile to explore a range of top-rated VPNs catered to gamers.

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