How We Make Money

VPN Reactor operates as a marketing affiliate website, which means that when you click on a link that takes you to a provider’s website (like NordVPN for example), we may receive a commission if you decide to sign up to their service.

The choice of signing up to any service is completely your own and please weigh up your options and understand your rights if you do sign up to any service you read about on

Our Ethical Approach

It’s important to state clearly that we do not receive any remuneration from, nor or we influenced by, any providers for their rating or the contents of the reviews that feature on our website.

Our reviews are written independently and our opinions are our own.

Occasionally we may be provided test accounts from VPN providers in order to test their product but, again, this does not influence the outcome of our review.

Typically we purchase accounts with each VPN in order to test them to the full extent.

Our Ranking and Rating Systems

As with our reviews, our rating (out of 10) and the league ranking table is decided by the Chief Editor of and the writing staff.

The ratings of any particular VPN (or service we feature) may change from time to time due to the change in quality of a particular service, the release of new features or/and more recent testing which indicates to us that the current rating is incorrect.

VPNReactor reserves the right to change any rating or ranking at any time.

For any questions, queries or clarification about our website and policies please reach out via our contact form.