Is Interstellar on Netflix?

Is Interstellar on Netflix?

Is Interstellar on Netflix?

If you’ve been wondering if Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi classic, Interstellar, is available to stream on Netflix, then you’re in luck—we have the answer for you. We’ll dive into the hype around the movie, why it has become a science fiction favorite among viewers and critics alike, and provide all the information you need to know about streaming the movie on Netflix.

What is Interstellar?

Interstellar is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. The movie follows two astronauts who journey through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. It was highly praised by audiences and critics alike for its stunning visuals and thought-provoking plot. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Visual Effects, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design.

Interstellar's Cult-like Following

Interstellar has become one of the most beloved science fiction films of recent years due to its ambitious scope and powerful themes. It has earned numerous awards including 5 BAFTAs (British Academy Film Awards) as well as 2 Golden Globe nominations. Furthermore, the movie was included in many “Best Of” lists such as Empire Magazine’s “50 Greatest Sci-Fi Films Ever Made” list and IGN’s “Top 25 Sci-Fi Movies of All Time” list.

Is Interstellar on Netflix?

Interstellar is available on Netflix is some countries – but not in the USA or Canada.

You can watch Interstellar on Netflix in the following countries:

  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • India

And a few more.


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How to watch Interstellar on Netflix

If Interstellar is not available in your region, there are ways to watch the movie without having to find it on a different platform or pay additional subscription or rental fees.

Using a VPN you can connect to a server in one of the countries listed above that does have the rights to the movie on Netflix, then simply log into Netflix and watch the movie.

Netflix will believe that you are located in that country and you’ll have no problem streaming Interstellar.

This works for any content that you would like to watch on an alternatvie region’s Netflix library.

Just make sure you have a VPN that is safe, reliable and has access to the regions you want to stream from. NordVPN ticks all of these boxes in almost every situation.

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