Best Korean Torrents on the Market


Last updated: 14th February 2024

Best Korean Torrents on the Market

Korea is home to a wide range of award-winning TV series’, movies, and reality shows. If you want to get access to all of this awesome content, you need to be aware of the best Korean torrents.

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve listed some of the most popular Korean torrents so you can make your free time a lot more enjoyable!

At a Glance:

If you do decide to use any of the Korean Torrent sites that are featured in the list, you should remember that a VPN is one of the main ways you can protect yourself online, especially when torrenting.

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Our pick of the 5 best Korean torrents

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the in-depth reviews to help you make up your mind.

1. (was Dramafire)

Dramacool9 is one of the best Korean torrents out there, thanks to its vast library and sleek user interface.

One feature that we really love about Dramacool9 is that it gives you access to new episodes the moment they’re released. This means that you don’t have to wait for the whole season to be released to enjoy it.

On top of that, almost all the shows and movies have English subtitles, so you don’t have to search for .srt subtitle files on your own.

Our only complaint is that there are tons of ads on the website, and they could affect your experience if you have a slow internet connection. Apart from that, we really love this torrent website.


  • Freshly updated daily
  • Great user interface
  • Has English subtitles
  • Vast content library


  • The ads can be quite annoying
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2. Viki

Viki is yet another Korean torrent site with a huge fanbase. One of the things that make it stand out from the crowd is that it gives you the option to subscribe to the website to get notified about new releases as soon as they land.

On top of that, the website’s library is pretty huge. It’s almost impossible not to find the Korean drama you want to watch on this site. Additionally, the user interface is modern and responsive.

We also like that Viki offers apps for streaming services like AppleTV, AndroidTV, Chromecast, and FireTV.


  • Notifies you about new releases
  • Modern user interface
  • Large library
  • Offers apps for streaming services


  • Not updated as frequently as other services

3. DramaGo

DramaGo is one of the oldest Korean torrents ever created, placing a high emphasis on making the most popular drama TV series available as soon as they’re released so that you don’t miss a thing.

Above that, the website’s content is sub-grouped into categories like Action, Adventure, Romance, and more, making it easy for you to choose the genre you want to watch.

However, this website has a small problem; the user interface is quite old, and it hasn’t been updated for years. It’s a good idea to just search for what you need in the search bar since navigating the website isn’t that easy.


  • Genre segmentation
  • Decent collection of drama series and movies
  • Updated frequently


  • Outdated user interface

4. Tcafe

Tcafe has a pretty huge library that’s full of Korean drama titles and movies. It probably offers one of the most diverse selections of movies and series’ in Korea.

The website’s user interface is pretty simple, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your preference. However, it’s worth mentioning that the website releases titles at a pretty fast rate. It’s simply hard to ignore how fast it’s updated.

The only downside with this torrent website is that you can’t download anything without registering first, but regular users would want to register, anyway.


  • Extensive content library
  • Simple user interface
  • Updated frequently


  • Limited number of features
  • Requires registration

5. TorrentRG

The final Korean torrent on our list is TorrentRG. TorrentRG has a pretty large library, and the best part is that you don’t need to register to enjoy it.

The website’s user interface is more on the “classic” side; it’s pretty easy and straightforward to navigate but not very visually appealing.

Overall, we were impressed with the variety of titles that TorrentRG offers. From movies to TV shows and educational programs, there’s nothing you can’t find here.


  • Large library
  • Doesn’t require registration
  • Decent diversity of programs and content


  • Basic user interface

Final Thoughts on Korean Torrents

You don’t necessarily have to choose a single Korean torrent website to use. You can keep track of two or even three websites and watch the titles you’ve been waiting for whenever they’re released on one of them.

However, if we had to pick a winner, it’d be Dramacool9, simply because of how fast it gets updated. It’s arguably one of the best Korean torrents out there.

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