‘Nordvpn Background Process is not Running’ and How to Fix it

‘Nordvpn Background Process is not Running’ and How to Fix it

Another day, another software issue to solve. This time we’re taking a look at an all too common error thrown up by Nordvpn. The message itself tells the user ‘Nordvpn background process is not running’ with little more in the way of finding an instant fix.

I’m here to tell you there’s a couple of fixes and it’s more a case of your preference. Either way you’ll be back connected to Nordvpn in no time.

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The uninstall and reinstall fix

Most users, including our testers when recreating the error, have been able to fix it by simply uninstalling and reinstalling Nordvpn.

I know, it’s the classic IT solution to a problem but when it works, it’s glorious.

This fix has been known to work in most cases, but if you’re still seeing the ‘background process is not running’ message then read on for an alternative fix.

Clear your Nordvpn cache​

Don’t worry this won’t get too technical and is very straightforward.

Follow the steps below and you should see a positive result in a couple of minutes.

  1. Open up the task manager (or activity monitor if you’re on a mac)
  2. To do this press CTRL + ALT + DEL (together at the same time). On a Mac, the same command is CMD + ALT + ESC
  3. In the list of programs you have running you’ll be able to identify Nordvpn. There will actually be two files running titled:- nordvpn-service.exe
    – NordVPN.exe
  4. Right click on both of these and click ‘End process tree’
  5. Now you’ve stopped Nordvpn running you can go ahead and clear the cache. Below are the processed to do it on Windows and Mac:


– Open up your Run menu by clicking the Windows (Start) button and ‘R’ at the same time.
– A window will open up and you need to input: %localappdata% then hit Ok.
– This should open up a list of folders. Find the Nordvpn folder in the list and delete it (note, this is only deleting the cache folder, not the app itself).

– Mac

– Open Finder and click Go and then Go to Folder
– Type ~/Library/Caches and click Enter
– To clear the cache you need to go into each folder and delete the files inside the folder.

Important: you need to keep the folder, don’t delete the folder itself.

Now you can open Nordvpn as normal and it should be working as expected without you seeing the ‘Nordvpn background process is not running’ message.

Nordvpn support

These two fixes will address over 95% of cases in fixing this error message.

There are of course some edge cases that the two methods mentioned (uninstall/reinstall and clearing the cache) won’t work.

Then it’s probably time to get in touch with Nordvpn support.

Nordvpn is known to have some of the best and most responsive support in the industry and they will be able to troubleshoot and work through the error message so you can get back connected to the internet safely in no time.

I hope this guide has been useful for you and solved your Nordvpn issue, we hope to see you again soon on the blog.

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‘Nordvpn Background Process is not Running’ and How to Fix it

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