VPNReactor.com Domain

In the interest of transparency and clarity we wanted to make a short announcement regarding the VPNReactor.com domain and website.

In a past life, VPNReactor.com was a VPN service where customers could purchase VPN software for their computer. This is no longer the case.

VPNReactor.com is under new ownership after the domain was purchased privately at auction. The new domain and website owner has no connection or affiliation to it’s previous existence.

If you’re a customer of VPN Reactor (the VPN provider) then it may still exist but we’re not sure where.

VPNReactor.com, under it’s new owner, has launched a VPN review and comparison website where various VPNs are independently reviewed and scored.

We hope you enjoy the content from our various technical expert writers and we’re grateful for your support of the website in it’s new life.