Is Hamachi VPN a Virus?


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Is Hamachi VPN a Virus?

Hamachi is not a virus, but rather a VPN program that can be used to create secure, point-to-point connections over the internet. Hamachi is often used by gamers to connect to multiplayer games, as it can bypass many firewalls and NAT restrictions.

However, because Hamachi creates a direct connection between two computers, it can also be used for malicious purposes, such as stealing data or launching attacks. For this reason, we’ve had experiences where antivirus programs have flagged Hamachi as a potential threat and that naturally raises concern amongst its users.

However, as long as you trust the person or organization you are connecting to, Hamachi is a safe and convenient way to connect to remote networks.

What do you mean it 'creates a direct connection'?

Essentially Hamachi creates a VPN between the two computers, which allows them to communicate with each other as if they were on the same local network.

Hamachi is useful for connecting two computers that are not on the same local network, or for creating a secure connection between two computers when the underlying network is not trusted.

So we come back to that word; trust.

Make sure you trust the other computer (user) that you are connecting to.


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Who uses Hamachi?

Hamachi is used by anyone who needs to securely connect to another computer over the internet. This includes gamers, businesses, and even some home users.

Because Hamachi creates a direct connection between two computers, it can bypass many firewalls and NAT restrictions. This makes it ideal for multiplayer gaming, as well as other applications that require a direct connection.

Is Hamachi safe?

We cover whether Hamachi is safe in this article. Short answer; yes, it is safe as long as you use it as intended and trust the other users you are making the connection with.

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