ExpressVPN Speed Test

ExpressVPN Speed Test


Fact checked and verified

From time to time we like to really put our VPNs to the test, mainly to make sure that they do what they say they do in their documentation and advertising.

Below you’ll find the full data from our speed test of ExpressVPN including conditions of the test.

ExpressVPN Speed Test Conditions

Location test was performed in: Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦
Speed tests run on:
App version: 9.0.12 (9)
OS version: OS X Version 10.15.7 (Build 19H2)

ExpressVPN Speed Test Results

LocationLatency [ms]Download Speed [kbps]Speed Index
Canada – Toronto – 22648,991 kbps9,123
USA – Chicago3422,418 kbps3,169
Canada – Toronto3646,798 kbps6,156
Canada – Montreal4043,108 kbps5,144
USA – New Jersey – 34040,951 kbps4,901
USA – New Jersey – 14238,938 kbps4,436
USA – New Jersey – 24422,281 kbps2,431
USA – New York4613,767 kbps1,439
USA – New York – 25024,514 kbps2,361
USA – Atlanta5020,291 kbps1,937
USA – Denver5913,748 kbps1,116
USA – Dallas – 25813,585 kbps1,114
USA – Salt Lake City6612,291 kbps891
USA – Miami66(null)n/a
USA – Tampa – 16812,260 kbps858
USA – Dallas6915,123 kbps1,040
USA – Miami – 2709,685 kbps661
Bahamas7414,281 kbps915
Canada – Vancouver7611,683 kbps730
USA – Los Angeles – 579(null)n/a
USA – Hollywood8010,683 kbps639
USA – Los Angeles – 37910,365 kbps621
USA – Los Angeles – 2829,850 kbps571
USA – Los Angeles849,833 kbps558
USA – Santa Monica88(null)n/a
Mexico9011,441 kbps606
USA – Washington DC9524,103 kbps1,203
USA – Los Angeles – 1978,621 kbps422
North Macedonia1038,750 kbps407
UK – London1027,618 kbps354
UK – Wembley102(null)n/a
USA – San Francisco1089,678 kbps428
UK – East London1076,165 kbps273
Jersey1099,084 kbps397
Liechtenstein1097,570 kbps329
Monaco1109,354 kbps405
UK – Docklands1118,325 kbps358
Malta1129,126 kbps389
Armenia1126,762 kbps288
Belarus1115,939 kbps254
USA – Seattle1148,493 kbps356
Netherlands – Rotterdam1146,279 kbps261
France – Paris – 21177,055 kbps287
France – Paris – 11164,914 kbps201
Denmark1176,527 kbps265
Netherlands – The Hague1186,533 kbps263
Turkey1195,788 kbps232
Netherlands – Amsterdam – 21228,193 kbps320
Belgium1235,607 kbps218
Germany – Frankfurt – 11237,913 kbps306
India (via UK)1236,075 kbps235
Ireland1256,448 kbps245
Egypt1298,762 kbps323
Switzerland1307,588 kbps278
Spain – Barcelona – 21317,658 kbps277
Bosnia and Herzegovina1337,244 kbps259
Netherlands – Amsterdam1347,022 kbps250
Montenegro1359,290 kbps327
Portugal1388,172 kbps282
Austria1407,385 kbps251
Switzerland – 21405,028 kbps171
Algeria1418,323 kbps280
Uzbekistan1448,922 kbps296
Lithuania1445,638 kbps186
Croatia1463,864 kbps126
Ukraine1465,979 kbps194
Norway1474,339 kbps140
Slovakia1487,540 kbps242
Finland1496,973 kbps223
Andorra1508,623 kbps274
Moldova1505,819 kbps185
Iceland1503,511 kbps111
Serbia1526,836 kbps214
Albania1566,252 kbps191
Peru1564,634 kbps141
Slovenia1596,250 kbps187
Estonia1605,908 kbps176
Luxembourg1605,289 kbps157
Bulgaria1626,409 kbps188
Isle of Man1637,597 kbps222
Hungary1626,898 kbps202
Greece1635,206 kbps152
Germany – Nuremberg1667,797 kbps224
Uruguay1665,728 kbps164
France – Strasbourg1664,469 kbps128
Japan – Tokyo – 21686,219 kbps176
Latvia1684,414 kbps125
Poland1706,144 kbps172
Sweden – 21745,574 kbps152
Spain – Barcelona1804,916 kbps130
Germany – Frankfurt – 31838,211 kbps214
Japan – Tokyo1863,640 kbps93
Germany – Frankfurt – 21866,271 kbps160
Czech Republic1864,480 kbps114
Costa Rica1957,568 kbps184
Romania1975,298 kbps128
Japan – Yokohama198(null)n/a
Sweden2006,780 kbps161
Italy – Milan2036,610 kbps155
Italy – Cosenza2075,282 kbps121
New Zealand2143,822 kbps85
Brazil2146,199 kbps138
Cyprus2154,733 kbps105
Spain – Madrid2206,973 kbps151
Guatemala2204,640 kbps100
Georgia2202,370 kbps51
Ecuador2216,326 kbps136
Brazil – 22236,241 kbps133
Israel2275,006 kbps105
Nepal2302,882 kbps59
Hong Kong – 4231(null)n/a
Panama2315,764 kbps118
Argentina2335,826 kbps119
Hong Kong – 12333,261 kbps66
Venezuela2346,209 kbps126
Chile2395,431 kbps108
Colombia2424,512 kbps88
Taiwan – 32442,587 kbps50
Singapore – CBD2454,048 kbps78
Azerbaijan2504,268 kbps81
Brunei2533,663 kbps68
Kyrgyzstan2564,914 kbps91
Australia – Sydney2572,570 kbps47
South Korea – 22604,144 kbps76
Bhutan2623,986 kbps72
India – Chennai2632,267 kbps41
Australia – Melbourne2704,008 kbps70
Singapore – Marina Bay275(null)n/a
Indonesia2783,732 kbps64
Bangladesh2783,643 kbps62
Vietnam2803,077 kbps52
Australia – Perth2812,587 kbps43
Australia – Sydney – 22833,868 kbps65
Cambodia2833,511 kbps59
Macau2853,495 kbps58
Singapore – Jurong2893,288 kbps54
Australia – Brisbane2903,208 kbps52
Hong Kong – 22913,816 kbps62
Pakistan2912,421 kbps39
Kazakhstan2933,281 kbps53
Philippines2933,756 kbps61
Myanmar2982,858 kbps45
Thailand2993,381 kbps53
Mongolia3083,504 kbps54
Malaysia3123,527 kbps53
Sri Lanka3151,786 kbps27
Laos3182,872 kbps43
India – Mumbai – 13421,794 kbps24
Kenya3751,034 kbps13
South Africa3793,696 kbps46

ExpressVPN scored 9/10 in our rating and is currently ranked 3rd best VPN

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