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Virtual private networks (VPNs) have become increasingly popular in recent years, with internet-savvy users aware of the various threats there are to their data.

From nosy ISPs who want to view your online activity to criminals who are desperate to get their hands on your bank details, and a VPN offers you a quick and easy way of protecting your information, providing a secure tunnel between your device and the sites and apps you wish to connect to.

If you’re new to VPNs, the sheer number of service available might be a little intimidating. That’s where we come in – we’ve reviewed some of the major players in the world of VPNs, to give you an idea of what they have to offer. Today, we’re looking at UltraVPN.


A VPN works by connecting you to the internet via a server in another country – and while this is a proven method of preventing third parties from monitoring your online activity, it generally leads to a noticeable decrease in internet speed due to the circuitous route to the site you’re trying to connect to.

UltraVPN makes a bold claim on their front page: “our network won’t slow down your internet connection”. Given that even the best VPNs can’t prevent at least some loss of speed we were sceptical to say the least, and the reality is that the service is pretty mediocre in this regard.

We did manage to find some servers offering high speeds – though still significantly below our base speed – but these were few and far between and depended largely on you connecting to a server very close to your physical location. Servers in faraway regions had much slower connections, losing up to 80% of our internet speed.


UltraVPN has a limited server base of just over 100 (for comparison, some services offer in excess of 5,000) but these do at least cover 60 countries, so you should be able to find a server located reasonably close to you. The number of countries available also means you should be able to access a wider range of geo-restricted content (see Streaming section below for details).


If security is your main reason for buying a VPN, then UltraVPN has plenty of features to recommend it. Military-grade AES-256 encryption ensures your data is kept secure, while the company operates a no-logging policy that means none of your information is logged or stored – so if your ISP requests information from them, or the company itself is hacked, your details will remain private.

UltraVPN also provides a kill switch function that disconnects you from the internet automatically if your VPN connection drops. This is an important tool, as it prevents any of your data being made public if you don’t realise that you have disconnected from the VPN server


One additional benefit of a VPN is the ability to bypass geo-restrictions put in place by streaming services that limit content libraries to specific regions. By connecting to the service via a server in the location of the content you wish to view, your VPN can trick the app into thinking you’re connecting from that location, making the content available to you.

UltraVPN was consistently able to connect to a variety of streaming apps during the testing period, including Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime – so if you like to watch foreign movies or you travel a lot and want to be able watch your favourite shows from home, this VPN is highly recommended.


Legal debate continues to surround the issue of torrenting due to the amount of copyrighted material that is shared on P2P software. At the time of writing, torrenting is still allowed provided it is used for legitimate purposes, and UltraVPN is a useful VPN if you are a regular user of torrent software.

The service allows torrenting on most of its servers, keeping your activity away from the view of your ISP, which is handy as many ISPs now ban the use of P2P software even if it’s used legally. It is worth bearing in mind, though, that the occasionally low speeds mentioned above can make the transfer of large files a length process.


As mentioned earlier, UltraVPN performs fairly well in terms of retaining base speed and that should help you enjoy online gaming without too many problems.

Having said that, connecting via VPN does increase your ping (latency), which could result in additional lag. This can hamper some data-intensive games, but during our testing period the additional ping did not cause us any serious issues.

UltraVPN’s ability to bypass geo-blocking software also applies to gaming – some gaming companies release their new games earlier in some regions than others, but if you connect via a server in a country where a game is already available, you should be able to access it even if it hasn’t yet been officially launched in your country.

Subscription Plans

UltraVPN’s pricing structure is complex, to say the least. While a base rate of $6.99 for a month-long plan is easy enough to understand, once the first month is over this rises to $8.99.

You can save money by going for a longer-term plan – a year-long subscription works out at $2.99 per month – but again, once this term is over the price rises significantly to $7.50 per month.

It is worth remembering that these prices only allow you to connect three devices at once. You can upgrade to an unlimited plan for an additional $2.92 per month for the first year, but again this will increase once your first year is up, rising to $5.83 per month.

For what you’re getting, these increased prices make UltraVPN a less cost-effective choice than many similar VPNs.

Free Trial

UltraVPN does not offer a free trial. The company does, however, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


What is UltraVPN?

UltraVPN is a virtual private network, providing security and privacy when you are online to ensure your data does not end up in the hands of a third party.

How much does UltraVPN cost?

UltraVPN has a range of plans to suit all budgets, starting at a monthly rate of $6.99 but dropping to as little as $2.99 per month if you take out a 12-month subscription.

How do I cancel my UltraVPN subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you need to e-mail the customer support team at support@ultravpn.com.

Is UltraVPN any good?

This service protects your privacy well and internet speeds are generally good, however it does not offer anything that other VPNs provide for a lower price.

Is UltraVPN safe?

UltraVPN is highly recommended in terms of the protection it offers the user, with a range of excellent security features and a steadfast no-logging policy.


There are a lot of things that UltraVPN does well. Despite not living up to its own hype it does offer fast internet speeds, and it offers excellent security as well as a no-logging policy for additional privacy. However, the service simply doesn’t offer good value for money compared to competing VPNs that offer the same features at a lower price.

If money is no object, UltraVPN will do everything you need it to – but there are better options available.