How to Block Twitch Ads

How to Block Twitch Ads


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How to Block Twitch Ads

The Twitch platform attracts a vast number of advertisements from various marketers. These marketing promotions can get in the way of your playing or viewing experience.

However, you can block all these Twitch ads with a few simple steps. Keep reading this guide to know more.

5 ways to block ads on Twitch

Here’s a number of options to ensure you’re getting Twitch ad free.
  • Use Twitchls
  • Install a VPN and change your location
  • Use ad block browsers
  • Ad block extensions
  • Ad block proxies
Here’s more detail on each of those approaches:


This is an open-sourced platform that allows users to open their Twitch streams in an embedded video.

While Twitchls is easy-to-use and free, it comes with a few restrictions. For example, this ad blocker will block interaction-based rewards, such as Twitch Drops and Channel Points.

Using a VPN

A virtual private network can block any ad, can be used on any browser, and can also be easily toggled on and off. There are two other benefits of using a VPN, which are:

  • It protects your anonymity
  • Doesn’t affect the site load time

Some small disadvantages to using a VPN:

  • Streaming can buffer while you are connected to a distant server
  • To get the best VPN services, you’ll need a paid subscription

Find the VPN that’s right for you in our VPN reviews section.

Ad block browsers

To block Twitch ads with an ad block browser, go to the browser’s download page.

Once you finish the download, run the set-up file. You don’t have to do anything after this step.

After opening Twitch in your new browser, you won’t see any ads.

Ad block extensions

This is an easy and quick method to block on-page advertisements on your Twitch channel. In fact, most ad block extensions are free, and easy to set up. That said. Twitch often blocks ad-block extensions and plays pre-roll and mid-page rolls on your stream.

One ad-block extension we have seen success with on Twitch is uBlock Origin.

To install, go to uBlock’s website, and find the link for your favorite browser.

Now, go to your browser’s toolbar and click on uBlock’s power symbol. Your ad-block extension is now active.

Using ad block proxies [advanced method]

A proxy server connects you with the website you want to visit. However, the website (in this case Twitch) only recognizes the proxy server and not you. This is how users can spoof their IP address and location.

We recommend this method only if you know what you’re doing and have experience using proxies before.

Final Thoughts

Circumnavigating Twitch’s ads is a relatively straightforward process for the web savvy streamer. There are multiple ways to keep ads out of your way so that you can enjoy watching the streams that you went to Twitch for in the first place.

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