Avast says my IP Address is Visible and How To Fix It


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Avast says my IP Address is Visible and How To Fix It

The first thing to know is that you’re not alone in experiencing this issue from Avast. There has been a wealth of people online that have had the same experience and have been able to fix it.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to help you solve in this short guide.

What's Causing "IP Address is Visible" Message?

To begin, it doesn’t actually matter whether you use Avast Sercureline VPN specifically, you might actually be using a different VPN provider (like NordVPN for example) and still receive this message.

Why? Because you will in fact have an Avast product installed on your device or computer. Avast have a range of products which aim to help keep you safe and secure online, however some of their messaging at times can be confusing at best.

There’s also 2 different instances that you might be receiving this message so let’s address them individually.

1. Avast Free Products Carry IP Address Visible Adverts

Yes, you read that correctly. The first thing you should check is whether this is actually an advert.

When using free versions of Avast apps and software (typically this happens with Avast Internet Security product), the way they monetize these customers is by showing them adverts. These adverts also aim to trigger you to buy their paid-for versions of the product. Unfortunately it mainly only triggers anxiety in the user as they worry that they have a security breach.

In short what happens is, if you have a 3rd party (non Avast) VPN installed and also have a different Avast product (like Avast Internet Security) installed, then Avast are able to detect this and they show you an advert to try to make you switch to their Secureline VPN.

Thankfully, there is a solution for this. The following steps will walk you through it:

  • Install Avast Secureline VPN (in addition to your other VPN provider)
  • Don’t enable Avast Secureline VPN
  • The advertising banner messages should now stop – Avast will detect that you have downloaded their VPN (even though you haven’t activated or used it)

Unfortunately this is the way some internet companies and products work. There’s a little bit of selling fear combined with marketing opportunism. In my opinion it leaves a sour taste.

Regardless, I hope this has solved you ‘IP address is visible’ message.

If this solution doesn’t work or isn’t relevant to your situation then keep reading.

2. A Second Way to Disable Ads on Avast Products (if you've paid a subscription)

If you do have paid versions of Avast products and you’re still seeing the adverts, that’s because you haven’t turned them off.

Avast clearly don’t want to do this for you as they are too busy trying to upsell you their other products and want to keep showing you adverts if they can.

That said, there is the option to turn them off if you have paid a subscription for that specific Avast product. Here’s how:

  • Go to Avast GUI
  • Click Settings
  • Click Personal Privacy
  • Turn Off Adverts

A frustrating thing to happen but an easy fix all the same.

If this still hasn’t solved your question, keep on reading.

3. Your IP is Public (Regardless of Avast) and VPN Providers Use it to Alert You

Ultimately this is a marketing ploy that many VPN providers use. They suggest that your internet traffic is not protected or that your IP address is visible.

Which in both cases is true unless you are connected to a VPN.

As advocates of secure browsing at VPN Reactor, we very much recommend browsing with a VPN at all times to protect your internet security and increase your safety online.

To use it as a marketing tool doesn’t sit well with me as many web browsers aren’t tech savvy and will think that they’ve had a security breach.

So I can see both sides of the argument.

Ultimately if you haven’t been able to remove the Avast “my IP address is visible” message/banner then you have two options:

Remove any Avast products you have on your computer (this doesn’t change anything, your IP address is always visible unless you’re connected to a VPN). It just means that Avast won’t be flashing it in your face the all the time.

Or, connect and use a VPN. It doesn’t have to be Avast, but you might also feel comfortable using their Secureline VPN product. This will give you better internet security and safety while browsing.

That brings us to the conclusion of another guide on, this time how to fix the Avast “avast says my IP address is visible” message. I hope you’ve been able to solve the issue and maybe learn a little about how and why you’re seeing it.

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