How to watch Fulham in USA

How to watch Fulham in USA

How to watch Fulham in the United States

As any true Fulham fan knows, there’s nothing quite like watching your team take the pitch. If you find yourself in the United States when the boys are playing, you may be wondering how you can catch all their appearances in the EPL. Fortunately, there are a few different ways for Fulham fans in the USA to stay up to date on all the action. Keep reading to find out more.

Watch Fulham matches

US TV Channels that will show Fulham matches

One of the easiest ways to watch Fulham matches in the USA is by tuning into one of the following TV channels: NBC Sports, ESPN+, or Telemundo. All of these channels require a paid subscription, but they will show most (if not all) of Fulham’s matches throughout the season.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional TV, there are a few streaming options available to US viewers as well. NBC Sports Gold and FuboTV both offer packages that include Fulham matches, and these can be streamed on devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Using a VPN to stream Fulham matches

If you find yourself outside of the United States when Fulham is playing but still want to catch the match, don’t worry—there’s a way to do that, too. One option is to use a VPN such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Doing so will allow you to connect to a server in the USA and access content that would normally be restricted to viewers within the country.

Another option is to look for streams on websites such as Reddit. Just be careful with this approach, as some streams may not be official and may be taken down by copyright holders. Additionally, accessing these kinds of websites may not be entirely legal in your country of residence.

There are a few different ways for Fulham fans in America to keep up with their team—even if they can’t make it over to Craven Cottage for a match in person. By tuning into NBC Sports, ESPN+, or Telemundo; streaming matches on NBC Sports Gold or FuboTV; or using a VPN to access content from outside the USA, you’ll never have to miss a minute of the action.

Watch Fulham matches on your phone in USA