How to watch Chelsea in USA

How to watch Chelsea in USA

How to watch Chelsea in the United States

Are you a Chelsea fan living in the USA? If so, you may be wondering how you can watch the team’s matches in the EPL, Champions League and cup competitions. Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Watch Chelsea matches

US TV Channels that will show Chelsea matches

There are several TV channels that show Chelsea matches in the USA. These include ESPN, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports. Some of these channels require a paid subscription, while others do not.

If you don’t want to pay for a TV subscription, there are still ways to watch Chelsea matches. One option is to stream the games online through a service like NBC Sports Gold or CBS All Access. These services offer monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Using a VPN to stream Chelsea matches

For fans who want to watch games online, there are a few streaming options available. One way to catch Chelsea matches is through NBC Sports Gold’s “Premier League Pass.” This is a paid subscription service that gives users access to live and On-Demand streams of all Premier League games. Another option is FuboTV, which also has broadcasting rights for Premier League matches. FuboTV offers a free trial period but then requires a monthly subscription fee.

Another option is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access the content. This allows you to connect to a server in another country, which gives you access to content that may not be available in your country.

It’s also possible to find free streams of Chelsea matches on websites like Reddit. However, it’s important to be careful when accessing these websites as they often host pirated content which is illegal in most countries. Using a VPN can help protect your identity and keep you safe when accessing these types of websites.

There are several ways for Chelsea fans living in the USA to watch their team’s matches. You can subscribe to a TV channel that shows Chelsea matches, stream the games online, or use a VPN to access content from another country. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be able to cheer on your team from anywhere in the world!

Watch Chelsea matches on your phone in USA