VPNReactor VPN Service Provider

Setup Tutorials

Choose your O.S./Protocol

Mac OS X PPTP Instructions

How to Configure

  • Open Network settings in System Preferences
    • Click the Apple then System Preferences
    • Click Network under Internet & Wireless
  • Click + (the plus icon)
  • Select VPN for the interface, PPTP for the VPN Type, and enter VPNReactor for Service Name
  • Click Create
  • Select the newly created VPNReactor connection
  • Enter one of the following names in the Server Address field:
    • chicago.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • denver.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • denver2.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • denver3.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • fremont.vpnreactor.net - Southern California
    • houston.vpnreactor.net - Middle U.S.
    • la.vpnreactor.net - Southern California
    • ny.vpnreactor.net - East Coast U.S.
    • nl.vpnreactor.net - Europe
    • uk.vpnreactor.net - Europe
    • vpn.vpnreactor.net - (FREE ACCOUNTS ONLY)
  • Type your VPNReactor Login in the Account Name field
  • Click Authentication Settings and enter your VPNReactor Password in the Password field, then click OK
  • Click Advanced, check Send all traffic over VPN connection, then click OK
  • Click Apply

How to Connect

  • Click the new VPN icon in the menu bar
  • Click Connect VPNReactor

How to Disconnect

  • Click the new VPN icon in the menu bar
  • Click Disconnect VPNReactor